Together creating miracles!

February is the National cancer prevention month, therefore NL accountants team has decided to join the #run-against-cancer campaign. With two teams we will participate in the 40th Rotterdam marathon on April 5, 2020. Together we have set the ambition to conquer this long-distance run, but above all to contribute to the victory over cancer. We as many other people have experienced the restless fight against this illness amongst family and friends, at times losing our loved ones to it. A fight that should be avoided for everyone. Will you contribute with us to win this fight?

We are a relatively small team, but what characterizes us is that we are eager to make a difference. We care about our role not only as auditors, but also as human beings. We want to help in whichever way we can, for some of us that means running a full marathon, quarter of it or actively campaigning and raising funds for this cause. We are sure that this research makes a huge difference for the people affected.

How does it work?

Every donation brings us a step closer to the day that nobody has to die from cancer anymore. Your contribution can literally make a difference! Will you Join us? Please click here to contribute

Many thanks on behalf of the whole team!


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