Helping companies get ahead. In a nutshell, that is what we do every day. But we’re unusual that way in the accountancy sector. True dialogue between companies and accountants often breaks down because the accountant doesn’t speak the client’s language, the client finds all the technical jargon mysterious and confusing, or the accountant simply doesn’t listen to the client.

That’s why at NL accountants, everything starts with the client. What is the question or problem? And how can we solve and use our professional expertise and experience to the client’s best advantage? Sometimes our approach produces unexpected outcomes that can lead to more added value than the client had ever anticipated.

Outstanding professional quality and personal attention make NL accountants an exceptional service provider. We believe that accounting work is people work. Communication is just as important as a thorough knowledge of the subject matter. Our relationships with clients always go beyond a mere business affiliation. We recognise and share their passion, their energy, and we go the extra mile for them.


Van Deventerlaan 31-51
3528 AG Utrecht
+31 (0)88 015 1900


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