“I regard an accountant as a sparring partner who combines his expertise with an understanding of the things that concern me. To me, a good accountant is more than a professional who has mastered his trade, as important as that is. A good accountant is someone who listens and is a genuine partner. Someone who asks the right questions and comes back at me with entirely different, unfamiliar ideas. Someone who pushes me out of my comfort zone, because I already have enough yes-men in my own organisation. That’s the sort of accountant I’ve found at NielenVanDeLaar.”

“The quality of an accountancy firm depends largely on the real-life person sitting across from you. It doesn’t matter to me whether that person works for a big firm or a small one. I just want a top professional who drives himself hard and understands my company. Someone I can call in the middle of the night if I need to. I also have to click with my accountant – or with any consultant I work with. There has to be chemistry between us. It has to be someone that I’d enjoying dining out with after a business meeting. For me, that’s NielenVanDeLaar.”

“I work for a large multinational corporation. I don’t always have access there to the expertise that I need to tackle complex accounting issues, especially when they’re related to international regulatory matters. I can call the head office, but that doesn’t always work for me. That’s why NielenVanDeLaar is indispensable to me. They know the score and they’re always ready to assist. Their flexibility, personal engagement and professionalism make NielenVanDeLaar truly unique in the market.”

“All the scandals of recent years and the strict supervision by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets have dealt a heavy blow to the big accountancy firms. The impact has been obvious to their clients. They’re very circumspect, even distant and formal in their dealings with us. I understand it, but it doesn’t always feel good to me. My relationship with NielenVanDeLaar is very different. It’s much more personal, and that fosters ongoing communication. I want an accountant with a face, a name and a phone number. Someone I can talk to about other things too, or just have a laugh with. I can do that with NielenVanDeLaar.”


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