We focus on assisting medium-sized and large companies, usually ones that are active in the international marketplace.

We offer solutions for reporting problems (for example regarding the transition to IFRS, valuations and acquisitions) and serve as the auditor for holding companies or business units.

We also advise companies on how to structure their financial and administrative organisation, for example by implementing accounting manuals or ‘checking’ employee and process quality.

In addition, we assist companies looking to set up operations in the Netherlands by helping them satisfy all the compliance criteria.

One area in which we specialise is the media and entertainment sector, where our specific expertise is broadly recognised, even at the international level, for example regarding royalty audits.

NL accountants is an ‘audit only’ firm. We naturally work closely with specialists in other fields, for example tax law and IT. It is not our aim to become a broad accounting and consulting firm. However, we do maintain access to a network of outstanding professionals driven by the same passion and ambitions.


Van Deventerlaan 31-51
3528 AG Utrecht
+31 (0)88 015 1900


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